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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Relating cousins Lucy, Luke, Micajah and Gene

John Wesley Hardin, relative or just a friend of the family?

2nd cousin (or is it 3rd?) Luke Autrey came by today and stories were exchanged about John Wesley Hardin. Some relatives recalled buggy riding with John Wesley (probably in a stolen buggy) and others recalled being with him when they found a snake in their chicken coop. In that instance it was John Absalom who shot the head off the snake and not John Wesley. Apparently great grandpa was a hell of a shot also. But I have never been able to pin down whether John Wesley is a relative or just a friend of the family.

There are other John Autry/Autreys: -John Absalom, John Byron, John Ernest, Johnny Joseph – to name a few.

More information on John Wesley Hardin can be found at the Gene Autry Museum in Los Angeles http://www.geneautry.com/museum/. His gun is there in the impressive Colt Firearms Collection along with some cards he shot holes in.

His bio and photo are at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Wesley_Hardin.

He sure looks like an Autrey to me!