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Sunday, February 20, 2022

Thursday, February 17, 2022

Evolution of a Dodo Painting - In Process

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1.  Somehow the abstract painting I was thinking of painting (#5) has turned into a Dodo bird painting.  Maybe this is because I'm in the process of painting another Dodo painting (more on that later,) or just because birds seem to appear in many of my paintings of their own volition.

2.  In 2012, I began a large 36x36 oil painting of The Big Wave, based on a series of nightmares I had over many years.

3.  The Big Wave painting included a childhood image of myself looking out of the canvas, oblivious to the danger.  Then I added a bunch of other people who were looking at the wave.  The execution of the final painting didn't work out (no photo documentation exists of the failed painting).

4.  In 2015, I over painted The Big Wave with a white textured background and put the painting in the garage (to join an increasing number of other paintings.)  Now that I'm re-enamored of oil painting, I'm resurrecting old works and painting over them.  

5.  In 2021, I created a digital composite of a blueprint to over paint the over painted Big Wave painting with a colorful abstract background.  Part way through the process, a bird head appeared.  Now, in 2022, the painting (#1) has turned into a Dodo bird painting.  But my childhood self, in the yellow two- piece bathing suit, is still there.  I'm tentatively calling this new painting the "Dodo Tamer."     It's nearly done, I think, at least for now.