What is Autrey Art?

Random artworks by Lucy Autrey Wilson

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Shelter in Place brings out the Pioneer in me

Sheltering in place brings out my family's genetic pioneer background: cooking, sewing and managing to survive (so far) independently while enjoying the finer things in life (good food and art).

Latest placements make food taste even better!

Top:  New 3 original "Six Squares" placemats + a photo of the backing.  Squares fabric left over from a quilt in process.  These are 20 x 13 with cotton batting and insulation

Bottom:  Smaller, older placemats (front and back) done on commission. 

Saturday, March 7, 2020

Bio Blanket

Since I'm now working on a new quilt, I thought I'd post the last one I finished this past January, after it got delayed a year due to illness.  Above Bio Blanket finished in 2020, based on Frank Miller comic art and biography photos taken by my father, E.A. Autrey, as featured in the Growing Up Autrey book, published with Blurb.  This only goes up to high school.  A great deal happened after that!