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Random artworks by Lucy Autrey Wilson

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Photo Polymer Gravure Prints

From a photo shot in the East Bay in 2016, at the Black Diamond Mines Regional Park, I created a polymer plate in a recent course taken at Kala Art Institute in Berkeley, taught by Kazuko Watanabe.  I then used that one image to create a number of prints on Fine Art Paper (Arches and Fabriano).   Most of my efforts used the process of Chine Colle (adhering pre printed Kozo and other Japanese papers with Nori paste, by placing them on top of an inked plate, then adding damp paper and running it all through a press)  In all of the images above, except for the final image, I've digitally added a mat board.

Top to Bottom

1.  Chine Colle using a semi sheer colored Kozo paper print with added clouds

2.  A roll up on the plate of various degrees of transparent inks

3.  A simple black ink print

4.  Chine Colle using a colored paper print with an original pattern design

5.  Chine Colle adding a grid and Crane drawing

6.  Chine Colle adding a drawing of a man done on a Costa Rica vacation years ago

7.  Cine Colle adding color, clouds and a small bird

8.  Chine Colle adding a fractal design, and a drawing of a bird done in Ibiza

9.  Chine Colle adding color, clouds and two drawings of flying crows

10.  A mono print using two colored oil based inks painted directly onto the inked plate

11.  Chine Colle of transparent color and new clouds on very soft, deluxe Fabriano Paper

Grease Stains and Other Delights - new video

What to do with photographs of grease stains, crushed apricots, running water by the sidewalk curb, and bicycle tracks on asphalt?  Make a little video with an original soundtrack!  Some of the music played on my Yamaha MX88 is part of Handel's Gavotte and Gigue from G. Henle Verlag Urtext Piano Suites and Piano Pieces, London 1733.  

Thursday, April 7, 2022