What is Autrey Art?

Random artworks by Lucy Autrey Wilson

Monday, February 26, 2018

Reflections on my Visit to Seattle

Very cool, modern house in Seattle, reflects the fun had with the Taylor family at Discovery Park, the beach, at home, and on the super, slick slide in the freezing month of February.

Friday, February 23, 2018

Messing Around with Twin Photographs and Photo Effects

While playing with various alternative Photography techniques, I discovered a Effects dial on my Nikon D750 that takes pictures one would think are worthless.  That didn't stop me from using them in the two digital composites revealed above.  Top three:  Cole (with a cold on the couch), then a combination of that original photo with an effects shot of Cole and Wilson.  Bottom three:  Matt Taylor with his twin sons, combined with another effects shot of the threesome plus the dog.  I think I like the bottom result the best, but can no longer remember how I did it. 

Having Fun with Seattle Art and Photography

My trips to Seattle generally result in at least one attempt at a portrait of grandson Wilson.  Unlike his twin Cole, he is more amenable to posing.  However, like any normal 8 year old, posing doesn't last very long (which I can blame for the my inability to capture his likeness).  The result this time is "Wilson and his Toys," a 10 x 14 pen and ink and watercolor painting.  To try to improve on the original, I tweaked the resulting watercolor by doing a bit of over painting in Photoshop, then added a background that was a blurred version of a Home Depot product shot.  All of the elements are shown above, including a refreshingly more appealing photo of Wilson, walking the dog Riley, while wearing a T shirt in 30+ degree weather.

Friday, February 9, 2018


Latest quilted wall hanging tells the story of white and pink magnolia flowers going from bud to bloom.  Center is a patchwork of photos printed on silk surrounded by raw edge applique of various cotton and silk fabrics showing a portion of a Magnolia flower's life cycle.  It's amazing how much time these things take!  But creating art works wonders in taking the mind off the horrors of our current government.