What is Autrey Art?

Random artworks by Lucy Autrey Wilson

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Funky Bird T's: To Star or Not to Star

Funky Bird Ts in Process:  Continuing my exploration of washable fabric bird applique on T shirts, I'm thinking the birds are better without the star device as it tends to drown them out.  I am going to skip the iron on art transfers also, as they never work very well (iron marks always show.)  Onward!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Family Photos Transferred onto Cold Wax and Oil Paintings

Lucy, Susan and Elsa in 1965, at home on Merida Drive in Santa Barbara, CA.
E.A. Autrey in 1952 at the beach near Altadena.
Top 4 paintings 6x6 on Arches Oil paper; Bottom painting 12x16 on cradled encausticbord

Monday, May 11, 2015

Evolution of a WW II Multi Media Painting

Bottom layer, original watercolor of flower cast shadows, painted at Jean's house, in a family painting session with nearly 96 year old mother and 3 sisters, on Mother's Day 5/10/2015
Next layer, added scratches as a texture overlay using Alien Skin exposure 7
Next layer, added a pattern layer in Photoshop of Korean army boots, drawn in one of the art classes I took with Chester Arnold at College of Marin
Top layer, added photo of E.A. Autrey in front of his army barracks in Oklahoma in 1942, after he was drafted during WW II

Crafty Weekend

Top Three:   Simple Ecology brand organic cotton canvas grocery bags with original art quilted panels: Black Bird in Marin, Parrot with Baobab Trees and Tokay Gecko
Bottom Two:  Two new T shirt applique designs (not yet embroidered):  Blue Jay and Crow

Friday, May 8, 2015

Antique India Quilt With Birds and Roses

New Wall Hanging Quilt front and back.  Centered antique hand sewn satin/cotton quilt from India with four of my hand drawn Indian birds (seen in India in January of this year) printed on cotton (painted stork, flamingo, two ibis).  Cotton, satin, glitter trim, couched rat tail and some hand embroidery. Rose pattern cotton back and rosebud cotton binding (both designed by Martha Negley for Rowan. Westminster Fibers).  Measures 28 1/2" wide x 43 3/4" high.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Jean L. Autrey's "Vase With Flowers"

On the occasion of my mother's upcoming 96th birthday, I thought I'd post some of her beautiful watercolors, starting with this one:  Probably a May day bouquet, of which she painted many over the years.

Lionfish Ts

Experimenting with fabric and embroidery applique on T shirts to maybe set up a shop for custom Ts. These four designs incorporate 100% cotton lion batik fabric, brought back from India, with other cotton fabrics and two colors (yellow/green and red) embroidery threads.  Which do you prefer?

Friday, May 1, 2015

Childhood Memories

Finished oil painting yesterday. 36" x 36" oil on canvas.  I painted over "The Big Wave," without taking a photo of the under painting I thought I had finished in 2012.  Now it is lost forever.  I like this one better.