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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Chapter One/Purple Prose Part Two

I don't know if it was the cold, wet breeze blowing off the sea or some breaking and entering instinct from my feral youth that made me move closer but, once I noticed the shop's door was slightly ajar, I pushed it and proceeded to furtively step inside. The strobe effect of the interior malfunctioning overhead light and the buzzing noise that emanated from the fixture distracted me. It took a few seconds before I realized some of the glinting lights were bouncing off of the glasses of the shrunken man in front of me. As I stepped backwards to flee, a familiar voice called out to me in a semi-strangled gargle. "Welcome, Dan. I was expecting you."

This is part two of the exquisite corpse web experiment. For part one, written by Susan Sanford, go to the Chapter One Part One link. For part three, written by Brian aka Son of Incogneato go to the Chapter One Part Three link. Anyone can provide a conclusion at any time and can start a new story. If you don't like writing in the first person, a third person could kill off the first person narrator - it's all up to the author. This is open to the next random volunteer.


  1. Hi Lucy -

    Terrific! I'm so excited, I will point over to yours in a few places. Happy Thanksgiving!