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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Greek Queen Anne's Lace

Not visible, but to the left of the scene in the "View of Anti Paros" (below), are farmed terraces cut into the red Greek soil which are lined with rock walls.  These terraces form the background for this botanical watercolor of a common flower of Paros.  Queen Anne's Lace can be found wild everywhere -  in fields above the sea and in stone-surrounded spaces near abandoned monasteries.  Although described as an invasive species in various U.S. horticulture sites, I fell in love with this plant.  The young flowers are a pretty shade of pink.  The more mature white flower has a unique black dot in its center which can be mistaken for an insect.  And the over mature flower folds itself up into a green web.  These three stages of being are often visible on the same plant swaying in the island winds.

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