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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Carrots in Art

 I recently finished a new 5x7 oil painting of two carrots so thought I'd compare it to some other carrot paintings I've done over the years including the image on top (to the left) which I did for a series called "Farmer Autrey Counts to Ten" and a pen & ink drawing of my rabbit sculpture named Sherman - seen here holding a carrot.

After noticing how many interesting wasp nest collections there are on the internet (see "Politics and Wasps" posting below), I googled to see what other interesting carrot art is out there and found the two images below at this interesting carrot museum web site.  The Rene Magritte picture, in particular, is quite fine and reminds me of how much I enjoy his art.  Amazon has some good books on him including this one:  Magritte

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