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Friday, February 3, 2012

Two Eggs

My art class, taught by Chester Arnold, has started up.  We're working with marble dust rabbit glued onto birch board, among many other new materials.  I thought I'd try silver point (drawing with a piece of silver wire instead of a pencil or pen).   So I drew two Easter eggs I painted a few years ago.  The eggs are sitting in a Sam Wilson ceramic bowl to which I had glued snails, small plastic jewels and turquoise pieces.  The bowl is next to a marble I've had since I was ten.  But, once the drawing was done,  I thought it needed more - so started to add watercolor.  Then I experimented with a new Golden gel medium and added some globs of gold.  All of this made the silver line art disappear.  Hopefully in a few weeks the silver will tarnish and get darker.  If not, I might have to go over the drawing again with ink.

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