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Friday, May 25, 2012

Mixed Media Collage Vignettes

These new mixed media collages are composed of scans of real objects, watercolor and oil. paintings, digital paintings, etc. printed on Epson Velvet Fine Art paper glued on marble gesso-covered boards, some treated with various acrylic gels for texture, then painted with egg tempera, pigment and oil paints.
1.  "Menage a Trois" 5x7 (paper prints from a section of "9 Parrots in Orange Tree" 2007 oil painting)
2.  "Cadillac Cat and Rat" 8x10 (paper print of Cadillac digital painting combined with J.L. Autrey's cat watercolor and rat china painted tile)
3.  "Lollipop Hill" 8x10 (paper print of flowers is from a section of "Garden," 2011 oil painting)
4.  "Sea Food" 8x10 (paper print of surfers in Solana Beach is from "Sundown," 2012 oil painting), one apple was painted by Matt Taylor, another by Amber Autrey Wilson Taylor.
5.  "Underground Love" 8x10 (paper print is of scanned geraniums, ribbons and other real objects)

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