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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Fraternal Twin Art by Cole and Wilson Taylor

Recent artworks by twins Cole and Wilson Taylor and me (Grandma Lucy to my two 4-year old grandsons).
From top to bottom:
1.  Mountain by Wilson and Bobo Fett by Cole:  Using new birthday present watercolors.  Unlike identical twins, who seem to paint in the same style, or together (see more on famous twin painters below), Wilson and Cole have distinct painting styles.
2.  Lion by Wilson and Rhino by Cole:  More watercolors and mixed media.  The objective was to paint in and around pencil drawings I did of a lion and a rhino but the original sketches were pretty much obliterated with paint.
3.  The Big W (untitled) by Wilson:  Grandma Lucy added the W to Wilson's mixed media painting using fingerpaints and pen & ink
4.  Alien Thomas by Lucy:  With help from Cole, and named by Cole and Wilson, using mixed media and fingerpaints.

I'm always struck by how different Cole and Wilson's painting styles are.  Wilson likes to fill the page with color (often preferring black) and Cole likes to leave spaces between his dots of color.  I was curious how fraternal twin art differs from identical twin art and found the following of interest:

Brazilian identical twins Otavio and Gustavo Pandolfo

American identical twins Doug and Mike Starn

See also Wikipedia Twins in Art

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