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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Creating Great Art With Grandsons Cole and Wilson Taylor

Art projects done this past weekend in Seattle with twins Cole and Wilson, age 4 years and 5 months
Top to Bottom:
First:  Wilson's original drawing of his stuffed bunny.  After making a few pictures, he folded them up and put them in his backpack.  "I can take them out and look at them later and they will make me happy,"  Wilson explained.  And, at the farmer's market, he did just that!
Second:  A pencil drawing I did of the stuffed bunny for Cole to color.  This version was rejected when the colored pencil made a slight hole in the paper.  Another, completed version, stayed in Seattle.
Third:  A picture Cole drew of himself with his Grandma Lucy.
Fourth:  A sketch I drew of Cole
Fifth:  A sketch I drew of Cole's blue eye
Sixth:  A sketch I drew of Wilson eating his cereal.  He might look like this in another 6 years.

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