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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Holiday Snaps

Rather than put up a Christmas tree, I spent the day taking photos of some of my vintage ornaments.
Top to bottom:
1.  My replica Tucker car, given out in 1988, on release of the Lucas/Coppola movie "Tucker: The Man and His Dream."  Great movie, great Joe Jackson soundtrack album.  I shot this holiday vignette on top of my dusty piano.
2.  Antique, chipping off paint, ornaments, I probably bought at a garage sale.  The backdrop is an unfinished painting.
3.  Nearly every year of my career at Lucasfilm, I was gifted unique ornaments at Christmas.  This wooden angel is one of them.  For some reason, he is carrying a watering can.
4.  I've been a major Mad Magazine fan since I could first read and have always loved this Alfred E. Newman ornament.  It wasn't until after I took the photo, I remembered Alfred somehow lost one of his hands a few years ago.  If you look closely, the ornament looks strangely like ex President Reagan.
5.  More antique ornaments against a fabric backdrop.  The piles of fabric I have oozing out of every corner of the house are crying out to be made into something.

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