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Friday, October 27, 2023

Science Cowboy Digital Art


Daughter Amber Taylor wanted a digital painting of her Grandfather E.A. Autrey as a cowboy.  It was true he lived many years in Texas and owned and wore a Stetson but that was as close to a cowboy as he ever got.  He was a chemist, photographer, artist, rocket scientist and unique individual.  The top image is the final work.  It includes a photo of his face with mustache after the end of WWII when he got out of the army.  The body is from a photo of E.A. with friends after climbing Mt. Whitney.  The cowboy hat is from another Texas relative.  After the war, on the GI bill, E.A. got a law degree but when he moved the family to California he practiced chemistry professionally.  I've included a camera icon, various science icons and a few elements (Hydrogen, Oxygen and Californium) along with some drawings of violets.  I had so much fun cobbling the cowboy together I created a few other backgrounds including a fill pattern of a self portrait done by E.A. as an older man; an AI Generative fill pattern of black and white cows in a field (I wonder whose art got ripped off?) and a pattern I created as my latest fabric design.  More fabric designs are at Lucy Autrey Wilson Art Fabric, Wallpaper and Home Decor | Spoonflower

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