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Thursday, April 24, 2014

More Portraits, Christmas Card Art and some Amber Art

More discoveries, cleaning out E.A. Autrey's condo.  The fact my father kept every sketch I did of him, and every self portrait I did of myself and sent him as a Christmas card, is quite wonderful.  Discovered art includes the following top to bottom:
1.  Pastel portrait of E.A. I did in 1985
2.  Old ink and pastel sketch done in 1995, including some heads drawn by Jean L. Autrey.  Although this is not a new discovery, as the image was previously published, I now have the original!
3.  Conte crayon sketch of E.A. I did in 2003
4.  Self portrait sent as a Christmas card in 1981
5.  Self portrait sent as a Christmas card in 1987
6.  Bad self portrait as "The Camellia Queen" send as a Christmas card in 1985
7.  Fabulous self portrait of Amber as "The Dahlia Queen," done by Amber on the back of "The Camellia Queen"
8.  Close up of a terrific drawing done by Amber in 1985.  What a talent!  I wish she'd do more art.

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