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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Newly Discovered E.A. Autrey Art

Moving E.A. Autrey into assisted living, means going through nearly 94 years of accumulated stuff and trying to decide what to keep and what to toss.  As I am a pack rat like my father, I'm squirrelling much of it away at my house.  Above images are mostly newly discovered art.  From Top To bottom:
1.  The Piano oil painting, done in 2009 at age 78, was already hanging in my kitchen, but the sketch of it below is new.
2.  Plant watercolor, 1985
3.  Self Portrait, 1977
4.  Photo of vase (with self portrait reflection) and Raid
5.  Pastel sketch of candlestick and blue glass vase (hand blown by E.A. in another class)
6.  Toy in wagon, reminiscent of E.A.'s sister Reva's paintings, 1988
7.  Candelabra and blue glass vase, undated
8.  Table and chair, 1988
9.  Still life with duck, 1985
10.  Still life with ivy, 1985
11.  Still life with paint, 1985
12.  Still life with shelves, 1985
13.  Bucket, 1985

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