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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Wilson Taylor and Grandma Lucy Art

Artwork by Wilson (one week shy of his 5th birthday), created on his own and with his grandma Lucy in Seattle, July 2014, is better than any of the art Lucy saw at museums and galleries in Seattle on her last trip. Top to bottom:
1.  Cole and Wilson: pen & ink and colored pencil on brown craft paper 9x12.  Cole did add some color to this one, but generally he was happiest putting together exotic Lego sculptures.
2.  Garden:  pen & ink and colored pencil on pink craft paper.
3.  Grandma and Me:  pen & ink and marker on pink craft paper.
4.  Raindrops and Rainbows:  Watercolor and ink 6x9
5.  Rainbow:  Crayon on plain paper 8 1/2 x 11
6.  Eclectic:  (includes art by Wilson's dad Matt Taylor on yellow stick-its + an elephant) and a pen & ink rooted flower by Grandma Lucy

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