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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Bird Art for MOS (Part 1 of 3)

Cold and Hot Wax art on Board - top to bottom:
1.  Rainbow Crow:  An original crow drawing, printed and transferred to paper with gum arabic, then combined with R&F oil sticks, cold wax and other media.
2.  Avoiding Danger:  Cold wax and oil sticks plus stencils on cradled encausticbord.
3.  Irritated Crow:  Photo on paper on board with hot wax.  The board was outside for years developing a lovely natural patina of mold.
4.  Two Blue Birds:  Hot wax over paper on board.  I initially embroidered the birds into nylon mesh, but they melted when I heated the wax, forming waxy bird impressions which were then painted over with oil paints.

These will be on exhibit at my Marin Open Studios (MOS) the first two weekends in May.  https://marinopenstudios.org/artist/631/

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